McQuiston: Personal Liability Coverage – Don’t Let It Be An Afterthought

The Jemez Agency

When discussing and rating homeowner insurance policies, personal liability coverage is often an afterthought.  

Insurance companies and insurance agents don’t always take the time to explain what it is and what it covers. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking personal liability coverage isn’t important. It most certainly is.

For starters, let’s look at the types of claims that are potentially covered by this part of the homeowner insurance policy: bodily injury claims and property damage liability claims. Personal liability coverage can also be


Community Labs Gather At MIT For Global Summit

Sophia Li, a former LAPS student, learning safe biotechnology practices at Biodidact. Li is now a student at MIT. Courtesy photo

Leaders of the American Biological Safety Association and community lab leaders from around the world came together in Baltimore, Md. for an extensive biosafety and biosecurity meeting. Courtesy photo

Biodidact News:

Community labs are laboratory spaces that provide facilities for members of the community to explore and engage in scientific experiments. Popular citizen science projects such as “The Real Vegan Cheese” and the “Open Insulin” projects started


World Futures Institute: Energy Part Four

Los Alamos World Futures Institute
In “Energy – Part Three” we looked at the distribution of stored energy in the form of gasoline and of “stuff” we need in our daily lives.
Related to this were the financial impacts on our personal budgets because of the costs of new forms of transportation and indirect costs of stuff because of increased distribution expenses.
For example, one gallon of gasoline weights about six pounds and it must be moved (distributed) from the refinery to the gas station. This is 3.217 kilograms in the metric system. Of course, gasoline delivery


On The Job In Los Alamos: Workers Sealing Cracks

On the job in Los Alamos early Wednesday evening are workers sealing cracks where awnings hung at Ruby K’s Bagel Cafe at 15th Street and Central Avenue as part of the exterior building maintenance and sidewalk repairs underway. The Starbucks Coffee and Ruby K’s signs and windows are covered in plastic during the sealing and painting phase of the project. #worklosalamos #wherediscoveriesaremade. Photo by Carol A. Clark/

Photo by Carol A. Clark/


Weekly Fishing Report: Sept. 5, 2019

Sports and Outdoors
Los Alamos Daily Post

The weather has been hotter than normal for late August and early September. I would bet that right now that’s making it tough for elk and deer hunters during the early archery season.

This time of year I like to cruise the Forest Service roads looking for blue grouse, which are excellent eating. I’ll get out and walk spots where I have bagged grouse in previous seasons. If I happen to come across a tassel-eared squirrel or a cottontail rabbit, I’ll also try to harvest them. I might spot some band-tailed pigeons, but I need to remember to print


Los Alamos Volleyball Falls To Santa Fe Demons

Elise Olivas leads the Topper Volleyball team on to the floor to face the Santa Fe High Demons in a match played Aug. 29 in Griffith Gym. The Toppers came off a two game winning streak and hoped to keep the momentum going but the Demons had other plans and defeated the the Toppers 3-1. Photo by John McHale/

Elise Olivas sets the ball for a spike by Natalie Gallegos in the first set. Photo by John McHale/

Elizabeth Atencio bumps a serve in the first set as Eden Schmierer backs her up. Photo by John McHale/

Eden Schmierer makes a spike attempt in the 2nd set


Presentation On Edgar Lee Hewett Opens Los Alamos Historical Society Lecture Series Sept. 10

Archaeologist Edgar Lee Hewett at Caroline Bridge, Utah. Courtesy/School for Advanced Research (SAR Archive, AC 2:832)

Nancy Owen Lewis

Los Alamos Historical Society News:

The Los Alamos Historical Society’s lecture series for 2019-2020 will open Sept. 10 with Nancy Owen Lewis speaking on Surviving Edgar Lee Hewett: His Battles and Enduring Legacy.

Edgar Lee Hewett, founding director of the Museum of New Mexico and the School for Advanced Research, left an incredible legacy in institutions and traditions, some of which were established in protest to him. The discussion is framed around


Topper Football Falls To Taos Tigers

The Topper football team breaks out of the helmet to play the Taos Tigers, the defending district champs but with the new district alignment are no longer in the Toppers’ district, in their season home opener Friday evening at Sullivan Field.  It was a perfect night for football the weather was perfect, the band was playing, and it was a packed house. As the game got underway both teams played even in the first period with each team scoring a touchdown. As the game progressed the Tigers gained momentum and pulled steadily ahead to win the game 44-27. Photo by John McHale/


Governor’s STEM Challenge Confirms 600+ Participants


ALBUQUERQUE–Sixty-five New Mexico high schools including Los Alamos High School have created student teams to imagine, design and develop a technological solution for the 2019-20 New Mexico Governor’s STEM Challenge.

These 600+ students capture a geographic diversity that reaches all corners of the state. More than 30 school districts are represented, both urban and rural, including Albuquerque, Belen, Capitan, Chama, Deming, Eunice, Farmington, Gadsden, Grady, Las Cruces, Los Alamos, Los Lunas, Raton, Roswell, Santa Fe, San Jon, Silver City and Gallup-McKinley.



The Karen Wray Gallery Welcomes Donato Spitzer

Artists David Trujillo, left, and Donato Spitzer will display their work Sept. 19 through Oct. 21 at The Karen Wray Gallery. Photo by Mandy Marksteiner
By Mandy Marksteiner
Los Alamos

The Karen Wray Gallery welcomes multimedia artist Donato Spitzer to the gallery. Spitzer will present a joint exhibition with his newest pieces alongside David Trujillo’s newest work in September.

Trujillo introduced Spitzer to the Karen Wray Gallery and to the Los Alamos community. Spitzer met David Trujillo at an event down in the valley called the Mad Scientists Club.

“It’s a group of entrepreneurs,


Topper Marching Band Entertains Football Crowd

The Los Alamos High School Marching Band directed by Zane Meek was in full attendance at Friday night’s football game at Sullivan Field. The band’s music added to the excitement of the game. Photo by John McHale/

The 115 member Band directed by Zane Meek thrilled the audience with their competition show, Black Orpheus, which the band will fine tune while performing various versions throughout the season. Photo by John McHale/

Scene from the Los Alamos High School Marching Band performing at the Friday night football game at Sullivan Field. Photo


The Y Celebrates Diverse Cultures Sept. 18

Scene from a previous Española YMCA Teen Center’s Welcoming Week event set this year for 5-7:30 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 18. Courtesy/YMCA

Scene from a previous Española YMCA Teen Center’s Welcoming Week event set this year for 5-7:30 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 18. Courtesy/YMCA

Scene from a previous Española YMCA Teen Center’s Welcoming Week event set this year for 5-7:30 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 18. Courtesy/YMCA

YMCA News:

Everyone is invited to enjoy free performances and samples of food from various cultures at The Española YMCA Teen Center’s Welcoming Week event 5-7:30 p.m. Wednesday, Sept.


On The Job In Los Alamos: NMDOT Road Crew

On the job in Los Alamos are crew members from the New Mexico Department of Transportation working Tuesday in a hole as part of the new roundabout project at Trinity Drive and Central Avenue. Photo by Jenn Bartram/


League Of Women Voters Of Los Alamos Board: How Individuals Can Address Climate Change

By League Of Women Voters Of Los Alamos Board

Many Los Alamos residents feel an urgency to tackle climate change and many are already doing what they can in their own lives. Some are adding insulation, planting trees, using LED light bulbs, switching to electric cars, and so on.

When trying to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, most people think of electricity generation. Of course, this is an important source of emissions and our Los Alamos County utility is addressing this. Within three years we will no longer be part of the San Juan Generating Station, substantially decreasing our coal-sourced


Ferenbaugh; Medin Best Predictors In Pace Races

Runners stretch at the starting line in preparation for the Atomic City Road Runners weekly Pace Race Tuesday on Acoma Lane in Pajarito Acres in White Rock. Courtesy/ACRR

Runners take off Tuesday in the Atomic City Road Runners weekly Pace Race in Pajarito Acres. Courtesy/ACRR

ACRR News:

Charles Ferenbaugh and Zachary Medin are the best predictors in the Atomic City Road Runner weekly Pace Races Tuesday in Pajarito Acres in White Rock.

Ferenbaugh was 1 second off his predicted time in the 1 mile race and Medin was 7 seconds off in the 3 mile race.

Other good predictors are:

Bobbie Ferenbaugh


State Police Issue Some 1,700 Citations, Handled 37 Crashes, 11 Arrests In Labor Day C.A.R.E. Operation

NMSP News:

During the Labor Day holiday, the New Mexico State Police participated in the Combined Accident Reduction Effort (C.A.R.E.) operation across roadways within the state.

The goal of the traffic initiative is that a strong law enforcement presence will have a direct effect on the driving behaviors of motorists during the holiday weekend, reduce the number of crashes, and increase motorist safety.

NMSP provided an increased patrol presence during this initiative on roadways throughout all State Police districts. Because of the increased volume of traffic during the holiday, NMSP


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