Letter To The Editor: Sancre Productions Delivered Great Los Alamos Summer Concert Series

By Ramiro A. Pereyra III (Trey)
Los Alamos

Thank you to Sancre for a job well done!

The summer concert series has always been a long time favorite of my family, friends and of course myself. It was a time that the community could come together and enjoy some good food, family fun, and music!

When this year’s summer concert bid winners were announced, I like many others was wondering how our beloved concerts would change. I must say though, it was an exciting change!

I fell in love with the ideas that Sancre had along with all the wonderful artists they were bringing to our little town. Many of my friends traveled for the first time to Los Alamos just to listen to several of the artists who were performing. The many student performances showed off not only what Los Alamos had but our surrounding communities and brought out some of the traditional New Mexican Culture.

The distillery garden was a fabulous addition that added another way people could socialize with one another and still listen to the joyful music. The many sponsors and their giveaways were wonderful to have and lit up the night with glow sticks and rings. Food vendors, of course, had dinner ready for the town so we didn’t miss a beat.

Of course, I had the privilege to be on stage next to one of the most amazing women I know in Los Alamos, the fabulous Ryn Herrmann! Ryn brought out all the joy and energy of Los Alamos as she emceed the series and gave introductions to the many performers we had.

A huge shout out has to also be sent to the VFW for opening their doors to the public for the after parties that brought out more good times and ways everyone could interact with the performers.

Thank you to Pablo, Monica, Shanti and the team from Sancre Productions for all they gave Los Alamos this summer! I look forward to attending many of their events throughout New Mexico and hope they return to us in the future.

Ramiro A. Pereyra III (Trey) of Los Alamos. Courtesy photo